Friday, March 17, 2017

Manifest Like a Pro/Advanced Tarot Secrets

This went WAY longer than two minutes (sorry) but there is just so much BAD information out there that I have to combat in order to help you get results that I ranted a bit (a few times). But someone (who actually knows what they are doing) has to.

Okay, so, this video is on tarot manifestation. It is a quickie overview of what you will find in the black book (Advanced Tarot Secrets, just $20 on Amazon). Also in this I give you key secrets that have worked for me, and according to my testimonials they have worked for my students: Remember—your results will LWAYS be your own and no one can guarantee you miracles. Anyway, ten minutes of solid information. I know that is an eternity on Youtube, but if you want to know the REAL secrets of REAL magic they don't come in a 99 cent ebook or a magic pill. You have to do the work and you need a great teacher. This is a taste of that. Take notes.

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