Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Book Dirty & Divine by Alice B. Grist

Dirty & Divine: a transformative journey through tarot

There is something sacred within you, in all that you are and all that you do. In a mix of you that is everyday dirty, and spiritually divine, there is something so perfect, something more. Welcome to your journey back home; to your dirty, divine passage back to you.

Wherever you are, whether beginner or seasoned tarot practitioner, Dirty & Divine is written for you, to accompany you on a powerful personal intuitive journey to plumb the depths of your existence and encompass the spectrum of wisdom that the cards can offer.

Dirty & Divine is a tarot-led vision quest to reclaiming your femininity in all its lucid and colourful depths.

Editorial Reviews
Dirty & Divine takes us on an adventure through the magical world of tarot cards. Divination comes from the Latin verb 'divinare' and literally means 'being inspired by a god'. You could say that tarot is one means of putting images and words to the voices of Divine beings that offer a higher perspective on human life on Earth! As always Grist is brave, funny and very honest! You are in very good hands on this journey into mystery and will discover the down-to-earth everyday benefits of tarot cards.

- Imelda Almqvist, author of Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life, international teacher of sacred art and shamanism

For anyone investing time, energy and passion in the journey through the tarot this is a wonderful book with a no nonsense and well-grounded attitude. I love the way Alice has so eloquently woven the tapestry of her life into the tarot to assist the reader in understanding how life situations blend with each of the tarot cards. For the beginner, this is a wonderful way of retaining the information relating to the card meanings, making it easy for them to revert back to the life situation for reference and understanding. The book is split into manageable, easy to understand sections from the intuitive sense of the card to Alice's own journey, harnessing their power and finally the Dirty & Divine Spell-words to reinforce their meaning. I love this book because it has such a different and refreshing approach to learning the tarot.

- Joan Charles, author of An Angel Walked Beside Me, creator of the Joan Charles tarot deck

Dirty & Divine asks you to leave everything you know about tarot at the door, kick off your heels and pour yourself a cocktail. Forget fortune telling and learning key words, this is a real and raw look into the tarot, how it works and how it can help us understand modern life. Alice shares her own story with honesty, looking at both the shadow ('dirty') and light ('divine') sides of herself and encourages us to do the same for real transformation and even more importantly, understanding of the self. Reading Dirty & Divine was like a night in with your incredibly clever and cool best mate, getting deep and meaningful over a deck of cards and reclaiming the Goddess within, both sides of her, dirty and divine.

- New Age Hipster

Alice has been my go-to woman for tarot readings for years now, because her truth, knowledge + wisdom are the REAL DEAL. In reading this book, and what Alice shares within the dirty + divine pages of it, you will have direct access to all that she knows (FYI: that's a lot), but what I find REALLY juicy about it, is that you'll experience how to use the cards + the stories, metaphors, signs + symbols they hold as a tool to help you remember your power. The fierce self-love, the courageous + wild truth of who you were before you forgot. Let Alice, the high priestess of the tarot, take you on a journey of remembrance + reverence. The dirty + the divine.

- Lisa Lister, creatrix of, author of Love Your Lady Landscape

Dirty & Divine provides a wonderful opportunity for tarot lovers and spiritual souls. Real, raw, relatable and incredibly warm. You feel as though you have a personal mentor and friend guiding you through the magic and mystery of the tarot. Alice gives fresh insight to a loved esoteric system along with real life reflections through her personal journey in her life. The addition of ways you can work with each of the cards brings a grounded understanding to the reader. Dirty & Divine is a book that will be read more than once and have a well-loved place in my sacred library.

- Ethony, Tarot Goddess, creator of the Awakened Soul Oracle deck

About the Author
Alice B. Grist has 25 years’ experience reading and teaching tarot. Certified in NLP, hypnotherapy and shamanism, Alice is a reiki master who has practiced spiritual healing since childhood. Mother of two, and author of five books, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living won Prediction Magazine’s Best Book, and her work has garnered international acclaim as the perfect bridge for a modern reader to a more soulful life. Alice is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Hello Giggles and The Conversation, writing about spirituality in her own quirky, accessible and fierce style.
Product details
Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: Womancraft Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1910559253
ISBN-13: 978-1910559253

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